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Creative Solar Hybrid Duo Technology is a single instrument offering Dual mode operations, which will work as a digital Home Ups when the solar panel is not connected.Creative Solar Hybrid Duo Technology is a single instrument offering Dual mode operations.

Hybrid Duo Technology:Creative Solar Hybrid Duo Technology is a single instrument offering Dual mode operations, which will work as a digital Home Ups when the solar panel is not connected

Multiple Microprocessor design:Multiple processor technology provides high speed and high efficiency for both solar charge control and sine wave inverter.

LCD display for solar parameters:LCD display indicate all parameters like solar current, battery voltage, load status, power unit calculations etc

Cost efficient battery bank:Intelligent battery monitoring systems in creative solar UPS provides battery reserve capacity adjustment for long back up

High capacity Solar panel connectivity:Normally other Home UPS s in the market provides low capacity Solar Panel Connectivity, which is used only for charging purpose. While Creative solar UPS can handle solar panel capacity up to the capacity of the UPS and it also has the facility for adding multiple capacity panels.

Panel select:Creative solar hybrid UPS have facility to select threshold solar current setting while solar panel is active.

Live loadability from Solar panel:Creative solar hybrid UPS have live load handling capability from solar panel with adjustable battery reserve capacity.

Intelligent Solar Power Monitoring System:Creative solar hybrid UPS has intelligent monitoring system and display of Instantaneous power from solar panel.

Resetable Watt hour Meter for solar panel:Hybrid UPS provide resetable user friendly power monitoring system for displaying how much energy is produced from solar panel. Intelligent load controller: Intelligent load controller change load from KSEB power to solar panel when battery is fully charged and provides auto adjust reserve capacity of battery.

Scheduled Mains Charger ON/OFF:This facility is used to reduce power consumption from grid supply automatically for battery charging.

Time of Drain (TOD):This facility provides automatic setting for connected load change over from mains to battery in peak hours.

Over load Protection:The ups will automatically turn off when the UPS is over loaded.

Short circuit Protection: Instant switch off when out put is shorted.

Battery Over charge Protection: Charger will automatically switch off when battery is full charged

Battery Deep discharge Protection: The system will cut off automatically when the battery is low.?

SOLAR ENERGY CONCEPT:Solar power generation is a clean energy system that generates electricity from sunlight that falls on the earth. It can be used just about anywhere-in large buildings, in factories, and in residential homes. Nowadays we must think on a worldwide scale about such issues as dealing with global warming, benefit of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and most importantly the scarcity and cost of government provided electricity. Solar energy, which has very few resource limitations and minimal adverse environmental impact compared to other energy production methods, will surely become more and more essential to our lives in the years ahead. Solar Power Generation Systems begin with the solar module. Solar modules capture solar energy and generate Direct current (DC) electricity. Inverters (power conditioners) convert DC into AC (Alternating current) to run many common appliances and equipment.

The CREATIVE-Solar Hybrid/ Off-Grid UPS, a powerful all-in-one solution, delivers unsurpassed clean true sine wave output power combined with a selectable multi power solar panel. The Hybrid/Off-Grid Inverter is suitable for any kind of applications in office and home, and its intelligent micro processor automatically selects load into mains power and solar power simultaneously. Intelligent charger provides any type of batteries without the risk of overcharge, while its compact & modular design makes installation easier and more cost efficient. This high quality product offers the best price/performance ratio in the industry.


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launching our new website